The sobriquet "singer-songwriter" is a mouthful that says so much and so little all at once.  Barbara had a tough time embracing it for a long time because, for so many people, it does not tell a story.  Barbara is, first and foremost, a storyteller and not having a good answer to the question "What genre do you play" bothers her.  But there you are.  Singer-storyteller is almost more awkward, if more descriptive.  In any event, these musical stories have been coming out of her for the best part of her life and having the opportunity to share them on stage or in the intimate house concert setting has set her free.  

June is going to be a big one!  

A busy June for me and Joe, and me and Joe and Camilo.  The cabaret show at The Oxford Community Center in Oxford, Maryland is going to be a fun one - I'll include both the great article by Val Cavalheri in the Talbot Spy, and the terrific podcast recording by Muphen Whitney talking about that single show.  All of this buzz is really gratifying and I am going to endeavor not to get too large a head.  The important thing for me is that the setting in the Community Center venue is right in the midst of the audience, and I am excited about having that close communication with the mood of the audience.  It is what I love best about performing.


Then, on the 21st of June, Joe and I are joined by brilliant Brazilian classical guitarist Camilo Carrara in the first of three concerts at Moonstone Manor in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.  This concert benefits A.C.T. (aboutchildhoodtrauma.org).  If you are anywhere in the area, this is a great organization seeking to help children and families through any number of chaotic life events.  Dr. Lark Eshleman's internationally recognized program is certainly worth knowing, and we are looking forward to a beautiful solstice evening at the lovely Moonstone Manor!

The following night we are performing as a trio is one of our favorite venues of all time - the dynamic Mainstay in Rock Hall, Maryland.  Intimate, warm, and acoustically dandy, The Mainstay is like coming home.  

And to change all of that up, the next morning we are off to New York to perform for the very first time at Brooklyn's National Sawdust Theater.  Three concerts, three nights, and an incredible series of contrasts.  We can't wait to present our program of original music, jazz improv, and guitar mastery in this high tech and amazing venue.  

Wow!  What a June!

Ticket information for all three shows is right over there in the events column.  I hope to see you all!

Peace, everyone.


Featured on WOSPodcast.com - Not in The Mood 

On April 29, "Not in the Mood" will be featured on Bree Nobel's podcast where she will talk a little about the song that has been running on her internet radio station for about a month already.  Bree is amazing and supportive of women artists, so check out her podcast on either WOSRadio.com or WOSPodcast.com  April 29 is podcast #377.  Right now, it is feeling a lot like a lucky number ...

Going Live  

Putting together a website is harder than they tell you it will be.  Even with the most excellent help of Jim North - who knows what he is doing, there are details of what I am doing that are only known to me.  If I find them somewhat mysterious, it seems unrealistic to pass them off hoping others will be able to translate them...as much as I might hope.

So what have I been up to since launching the album?  Trying to get life sorted out for a more regular rehearsal schedule.  Running the gamut of finding bookings, updating mailing lists, painting, writing new material, appearances in schools, and a little bit of teaching.  Keeping busy.  Perhaps too busy.  

But the biggest news is probably that "Black Bird" from the "Emergence" album, has started playing in Britain on BBC 5 Radio, BBC 2 and BBC Blackburn.  The song first saw airtime in Canada, on Radio CKBX, 100 Mile House, British Columbia, so when I emailed morning DJ Larry Rode to tell him that it was now playing in Britain, he immediately requested a follow up interview.  It was so kind.  See below to listen to the interview.

I will endeavor to be more consistent.  In some ways it seems that things are moving slowly, but in others, it seems like time is just rocketing past...

All best,

A Little Out of Focus 

31 January 2016 marked the release of the second album “A Little Out of Focus” on CD Baby. The release coincided with a performance at the iconic Mainstay in Rock Hall, Maryland, alongside band members Joe Holt, Pres Harding and Ray Anthony, with a very special appearance by Tom McHugh, who plays harmonica on the title cut. The album also features Diane Jones, from Driven Women on banjo on Barbara’s composition “Loving Cup.” The diversity of the music is one of the surprises, with mostly original material.

Read more

Accepting new engagement dates.   Please email for calendar availability.  Please put "GIG" in the subject line.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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