Artist Bio

Barbara Parker

11351 St. James Road
Worton, MD  21678

playing dress-up :)




Though a singer and songwriter from early on, it is only in the last few years that Barbara Parker has started to present her music to a larger audience.  A painter by profession, she believes all creative influence is one thing and that what is in her must come out.  Suddenly, it is the music that can’t be contained. 

Brought into this world by a Basque shepherd in a covered wagon in the high plains of Kansas, Barbara has always been ready to go – to travel and to try new things. Her music comes from an understanding of her own and other’s emotions, and wistfulness for what lies beyond the horizon.  Her music has faint strains of a myriad of traditions – becoming what is best described as “Americana,” but is otherwise difficult to fit into a single genre.

Living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Barbara is fortunate to be recording and performing with Joe Holt and friends as “Barbara Parker and Company.”  Her latest recording, “A Little Out of Focus” is available on cdBaby, Amazon and iTunes.

“Emergence” 2014
“A Little Out of Focus” 2015