Going Live 

Putting together a website is harder than they tell you it will be.  Even with the most excellent help of Jim North - who knows what he is doing, there are details of what I am doing that are only known to me.  If I find them somewhat mysterious, it seems unrealistic to pass them off hoping others will be able to translate them...as much as I might hope.

So what have I been up to since launching the album?  Trying to get life sorted out for a more regular rehearsal schedule.  Running the gamut of finding bookings, updating mailing lists, painting, writing new material, appearances in schools, and a little bit of teaching.  Keeping busy.  Perhaps too busy.  

But the biggest news is probably that "Black Bird" from the "Emergence" album, has started playing in Britain on BBC 5 Radio, BBC 2 and BBC Blackburn.  The song first saw airtime in Canada, on Radio CKBX, 100 Mile House, British Columbia, so when I emailed morning DJ Larry Rode to tell him that it was now playing in Britain, he immediately requested a follow up interview.  It was so kind.  See below to listen to the interview.

I will endeavor to be more consistent.  In some ways it seems that things are moving slowly, but in others, it seems like time is just rocketing past...

All best,

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